Productivity amid compliance or compulsion

The problems with the current educational mindset were on show today during staff development day at my school. The morning was spent doing what the executive thought would be useful. But this turned out to be not only a waste of time, but counterproductive (it sapped morale on the first day back – the day when it should be at its highest). The teachers found little value in what was presented, and some resented being lectured to. Yet teachers do not seem to consider that this is exactly how many students feel in the classroom everyday. (Well, either they do not realise it, or they battle on anyway, which must be a difficult and frustrating state to be in.) Both yesterday’s professional learning, and the classroom, are products of people in authority deciding what is best for others, without regard for the wishes, dreams and desires of the people they are affecting.  Getting people to be productive is a challenge under any circumstance. It is even more difficult when work and activities are undertaken for compliance reasons (in the case of the teaching profession), or without the voluntary consent of those involved (in the case of students and their schooling). This is something we should reflect on.