Bad behaviour in the classroom

There’s growing focus on the issue of behaviour in the classroom, with the Grattan Institute’s report  on student engagement and recent articles in the media, such as in The Australian today. This is appropriate, but one thing that is missing is the issue of personal responsibility and parenting. Again, it should be less of a case of ‘what can we [schools, governments] do about it?’ and more of a case of ‘what can the individual and the parent do about it?’. Recall that I consider student disengagement to be rational behaviour, given the culture and incentives in which they live. I also consider that complacency is a key missing ingredient behind the fall in educational attainment.

While it’s true that the school can improve it’s environment by changing the rules of the game that the form the students’ incentives to which they respond, good manners, consideration of others and some self-discipline are important aspects of maturity, and can be developed without action from the school. Therefore, the parental/individual and school/government responses need to come from a shift in cultural attitudes, and indeed, it seems that the current malaise stems from a cultural deficit. Currently, narcissism, complacency and distraction rule the day while perspective and wisdom often flounder. Similarly, teachers’ standards have dropped, a reflection of broader society. Of course, this stems from the loss of judgementalism that has occurred in recent decades, which, we should acknowledge, has had some emancipatory benefits.  Ideally that would not come at the expense of manners, but perhaps that is asking too much.


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