Ideas on schooling and education

  1. Education is different to schooling. Schooling can involve little education, and education can occur without schooling.
  2. Time may be the biggest cost of education.
  3. Education: is it about learning, signalling, self-acculturation, learning to submit to authority, or something else?
  4. Half the students are below average, and only 10-20% of students should go to university.
  5. University is a bubble.
  6. In today’s world, one of the biggest impediments to an education is yourself.
  7. University education is mainly a private good, not a public good.
  8. Education is an arms race.
  9. Deregulate university fees only after the removal of subsidies and government loans. Until then, keep the cap on. Uneven deregulation is a cause of many problems and is partly why markets get blamed when things go wrong..

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